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"Ensuring memorable & safe experiences for all onboard & paying forward what we learn securing the future of sport fishing & our environment."   

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Charters & Rates

Fishing Charters

Inshore/Offshore Rates are for up to 3 people (not per person). We take credit cards, cash, check, VENMO, PayPal, etc.

  • We can fish up to 4 people max BUT, 3 or fewer people is the ideal crew size
  • Each trip requires a $200 deposit to hold the date with balance due at conclusion of trip. Deposits are 100% refundable up to 72 hrs prior to trip date or if the Captain makes the call due to hazardous conditions (sometimes not until morning of trip).
  • You may keep your catch as long as it's within regulations
  • Groups are encouraged and will be coordinated by Capt Kris working with other very experienced Captains. Team-building, retirements, Hail & Farewells, & birthdays are great opportunities to enjoy group fishing. 

We offer:

4 hour trip (half-day) - $575 (Add $100 for each additional person after 3)

  • 4 hour trips are based on one tide phase if we fish inshore and a quick run to local reefs/wrecks for offshore species. This trip can also be booked for the afternoon. Very flexible!
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• 6 hour trip (3/4-day) - $775 (Add $100 for each additional person after 3)

  • Excellent option for a beautiful day inshore for a variety of species. This is the most common trip if we're going offshore for bottom fishing or trolling. It gets us back before any summertime weather builds up & really pays off if the fish are biting and the weather is beautiful! Great deal here!
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• 8 hour trip (full day) - $950  (Add $100 for each additional person after 3)

  • I'm all yours! We can fish high and low tide phases here, support an entire day offshore/nearshore on the local reefs/wrecks trolling or bottom fishing. This trip allows us to cover the most ground and a great opportunity for a variety of species!
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***I always have great deals for military!***

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Man Holding a Large Fish

Wildlife Tours

Tour Charter

(Riverfront View/Tailored Tours/Wildlife Viewing) 3 hours

Enjoy the sun and fresh air on our boat as we take you on a tour of downtown Jacksonville and/or Northeast Florida’s bio-diverse ecosystem. Depending on the time of the year, there’s an excellent chance to view dolphins along the beach or river, sea turtles playfully swimming inshore, and large manta rays gliding along the rip line. Even if you have no interest in fishing, you're able to enjoy a relaxing time on our boat! (couple's therapy?). $250.00 up to 4 people. 

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Family Activity Charters

Activity Charter

(Swimming at the local sandbar/Kingsley Plantation)
3 hours

This is an excellent way to keep the kids excited and/or the adults relaxed! The day includes a trip to and swimming at our local sandbar located at Fort George with a visit to the Kingsley Plantation. Trip is very flexible and often tailored to specific groups for a variety of activities! $250.00 up to 4 people.

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At-Sea Memorials 

Captain Kris understands firsthand the attachment one can have for the water and has performed his share of burials-at-sea while in the U.S. Navy. He would like to extend the chance to offer your loved one an at-sea memorial service, as well. Our professional crew ensures a respectful environment on our boat so you're able to properly say goodbye to your beloved relative or friend and we’ll denote the coordinates/time of the service on a provided certificate. $200.00

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Burials At Sea

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